6dof Motion Platform , Motion Simulator , Motion System .

The Mechanics motion platform is entirely designed for higher incredible precision and better level of immersion. Driven by servo system and customized according to customer requirements, it is widely used in environment simulation, vehicle driving, flight driving simulation, etc.

Virtual Reality

Our motion simulator platform is VR compatible, virtual reality is paired with our motion simulator = immersive simulation.

6 Dof

We offer Full 6 DOF motion simulator versions to reproduce automobiles, aircrafts, or any other vehicle motion.


Adjustable motion simulator mounts allow customization of the platform to your needs.


Our motion simulator is very reliable and widely used in universities and military.


Experience every bump, vibration and speed change, an incredibly immersive experience.

Excellent performance

After careful design and years of experience to ensure the excellent performance and quality of each motion simulator.


Built in power source, including an active PFC function to protect from short circuit, overload, overvoltage and overheating

Software support

Compatible with all major racing and flight titles on PC with simple USB plug in

Fast and smooth realistic movements

Realistic super smooth operation using advanced actuator speed management.


Wide range of professional motion platforms dedicated to customers, who expect from motion systems not only high quality and reliability, but also incredible precision of movement and compact design.


Wide carrying range, High standard customization

The motion platform of Mechanics has a carrying range of 0.1kg-100T, a mature R&D system, motion algorithms and secondary development capabilities. Support various non-standard customizations to meet the needs of scientific research simulation simulation. The motion platform we produce has high motion accuracy and speed, while achieving accurate data calibration and convenient user operation interface, easy to use. We strictly control every step of the design, research and development, production and on-site debugging of the motion platform to provide users with the best motion platform solutions.

Excellent performance indicators

In order to meet the customization requirements of different customers for the motion platform, the motion platform produced by Mechanics can reach a maximum acceleration of 20m/s², a maximum speed of 1m/s, and a repeat positioning accuracy of 0.01mm. Vibration is processed to achieve excellent performance indicators.

The platform structure is designed and developed in accordance with the requirements of China's national standards and military standards. The kinematics and simulation structure simulation tests are carried out at the initial stage of the design, and the ISO9001 is strictly implemented for production management. At the same time, multiple protection systems are set up to ensure the safety of the motion platform during the movement.


Market-leading software control

The Mechanics control software can adjust the mechanical parameters of the platform (articulation point coordinates and platform height, etc.); mechanical parameters of the electric cylinder (electric cylinder stroke, electric cylinder lead, synchronous belt reduction ratio, linear/foldback electric cylinder, etc.); speed Acceleration planning configuration (using the corresponding PID control algorithm to control the positioning speed of the platform, the speed and acceleration during normal operation, etc.); platform pose correction (automatically superimpose a compensated pose within the program) ax+b; control accuracy selection (According to the different requirements of different customers, provide platforms with different accuracy); other special functions (rotating shaft, crankshaft, neutral hold, whether to use data washing in and washing out function, etc.), by adjusting these parameters to control the movement of the motion platform Movement, bumps, rolling and pitching etc.

The software is compatible with major racing and flying games on the market, and will be updated regularly as the game is released. It also includes an automatic compensation algorithm to provide customers with a more realistic simulation experience. If you are a game developer, you can also contact us Contact to customize a more precise sports experience.

Full motion flight simulator and racing simulator

Full Control Technology adopts the international advanced motion control system, and uses the servo electric cylinder to develop a 6dof motion platform, which can complete difficult and thrilling actions such as diving, climbing, tilting, turning, rotating, falling, bumping, etc., from simulated driving, video and audio , Simulation simulation gives users a super-real experience in many aspects.

The motion platform of Total Control Technology is highly interesting, exciting, entertaining and shocking, which is very attractive to customers and driving experience effects. The dynamic platform series developed are widely loved by users and have a large number of applications in China and overseas. Welcome to contact us for consultation!


Project Cases

We specialize in the design and manufacture of motion platforms and simulators. But this is not just what we do, here you can learn more about us.


  • What is Mechanics?

    Mechanics is based in NanJing, China and develop, manufacture and supply Professional Motion, Visual and Simulator solutions for private or professional use.
    We offer products such as;
    – 3DOF – 6DOF Motion Platforms
    – VR Motion Racing/Flight Simulator

  • Where are the Mechanics 6DOF Motion Platforms manufactured?

    The Mechanics 6DOF Motion Platforms are NanJing, China, We use suppliers of components and equipment from Asia, US and several countries within Europe.

  • Can it be used as a simulation training?

    Of course
    Simulator training is a proven method in improving skills. Airline pilots regularly enter the simulator to both prove their skills, and also to improve it.
    In order to make the training as real and immersive as possible we have the highest quality of Motion Platforms, Direct-Drive Steering Wheels, Pedals and Virtual Reality glasses, as well as laser scanned tracks on the racing simulation software so that you can feel every bump as if you were there.

  • 6DOF Motion Platform

    Can I fit a homebuilt Simulator on the platform?

    That’s definitely possible! We open the interface,Contact us with your requirements

  • Which games are compatible?

    All major Racing & Flight Simulator games/simulations are compatible. To mention the most common and famous:

    Assetto Corsa
    Project Cars 1 + 2
    iRacing rFactor
    Dirt series
    F1 2017/18

    Flight Simulation
    Flight Simulator X
    X-Plane 10/11
    War Thunder

  • How much payload?

    Mainly we offer payload solutions in the range of 400kg – 4000kg Let us know of your needs and we will get back to you with a customised solution.

  • How long are the stroke lengths of the actuators?

    Our standard stroke length is 400mm, however we offer options between 150mm – 800mm.Let us know of your needs and we will get back to you with a customised solution.

  • Which kind of electric motors do you use?

    The Mechanics 6DOF Motion Platforms are powered by AC Servo Motors. The power output depends on the payload requirements.

  • Can we accept and debug on site?

    Of course
    Welcome to the site for acceptance, and we have an exhibition hall to provide more 3DOF/6DOF displays.

  • Shipping

    Do you offer Worldwide Shipping?

    Yes, we do.

  • How long Lead Time do you have?

    The Lead time depends on the product. Contact us for more information.

  • Post-Sales

    How long warranty do you offer?

    The length of the warranty depends on type of use (Personal / Professional) and of the product. We also offer the possibility for extended Warranty up to and including 5 years from the date of purchase (charged annually). Contact us for all details.

  • What kind of Support do you offer?

    We offer an Extended Premium Support Service, charged yearly. Contact us for details.

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