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The motion simulation game platform plug-in is a real game software platform that obtains the posture of the moving body from the game, that is to say, the corresponding actual terrain feedback. Its built-in image analysis engine tool captures data from the five communication DMA pipeline communication links of CPU, GPU, memory, video memory, and hard disk, extracts effective camera data of moving subjects, and analyzes the game screen frame by frame to identify The attitude of the current vehicle/aircraft and the current site conditions are obtained, and then the current screen information is transmitted to the motion control card of the electric platform.

In addition to providing basic three-axis Euler angle, angular velocity, angular acceleration, three-axis velocity, linear acceleration and other basic information. It can also provide the speed, engine speed, gear, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, four-wheel tire temperature, brake disc temperature, tire wear, etc. of the racing car for high-end customers; the longitude and latitude, altitude, airspeed, vertical speed of the flying game , triaxial power, dynamic torque, engine status information, attack angle, sweep angle, inclination angle, remaining fuel, APU/GUP status, weather information, etc.

The control plug-in has the function of WashLab data washout. According to different games, it can be divided into classic washout algorithm, optimal control washout algorithm and adaptive washout algorithm. Then perform linear washout, sinusoidal washout and smooth washout, and the washout time can also be dynamically adjusted.

We don't need to read the signal of the game steering wheel such as G27/G29 and transmit it to the control board, because the action obtained in this way is unreal. We directly obtain the pose information of the game scene, so that the most realistic action can be obtained.

Different from the way some game plug-ins on the market provide the elongation of the electric cylinder, we provide the native game attitude information to the motion control card, and the DOF platform performs the attitude information calculation, which can restore the authenticity of the game in the most realistic way.

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