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The 6DOF motion platform simulator is a mechanism for creating the feeling of a realistic motion environment. In the simulator, the motion is synchronized with the visual display of the external world scene. The most important feature of a 6DOF platform is its six degrees of freedom (DOF), which can translate freely in 3 degrees of freedom as the object moves in the X, Y, and Z axes. These are called heave, pitch and roll.

6DOF motion systems support the development, evaluation and testing of commercial and defense industry inertial navigation equipment and guidance systems.

Many industrial fields such as automobile, aviation, military and other fields simulate roll, pitch and yaw motion through a six-degree-of-freedom platform to simulate and test products. This helps speed up time-to-market for new products and reduces overall R&D costs. They are also used to calibrate and test inertial systems and packages that are sensitive to multi-axis motion.

It is precisely because of the following characteristics of the 6DOF platform that the 6DOF platform is very suitable for simulation testing applications in the industrial field.

a. Platform pose simulation, sine wave simulation, single-degree-of-freedom motion, multi-degree-of-freedom compound motion, and attitude compound.

b. The preset road spectrum filtering processing, random wave reproduction, road spectrum, ocean wave spectrum, flight spectrum reproduction and other functions can import the actual measurement attitude data of vehicles and aircraft.

c. Through the TCP/IP protocol, provide users with a third-party control interface (host computer interface), and provide secondary development routines.

d. Provide internal synchronization and external synchronization data output control interface, real-time positive solution motion trajectory, and real-time comparison of instructions and attitudes.

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