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Everyone already knows about the six-degree-of-freedom platform. We have explained its internal program principle before. It is actually a simulation device. It can use this platform to simulate aircraft, cars and boats in an ordinary environment. Even the flight status of rockets to help people experience or adapt to them. This time, Nanjing Total Control will introduce the basic functions of the 6DOF platform and the design of related functions.

Basic functions of the 6DOF platform

1. Movement posture simulation

The six-degree-of-freedom platform can simulate difficult situations. Depending on the six-degree-of-freedom motion of the electric rocking platform, it can simulate and complete any posture in the motion space. The motion can be run independently or combined with any number of degrees of freedom. This is why it is used in some industries that require high precision.

2. Motion parameter setting

Before exercising, the motion parameters of the rocking platform can be set according to the requirements. The setting parameters include the selection of the degree of freedom of motion, the motion law of the selected degree of freedom, the motion amplitude of the selected degree of freedom, the motion frequency of the selected degree of freedom, and the motion on the rocking platform. center of rotation.

3. Sports information display function

The host computer software in the rocking platform can also display the current motion state, the motion posture of the three-dimensional animation, and the motion posture of the rocking platform in real time. Followed by the displacement curve display, the real-time movement speed of the six electric cylinders, and finally the movement position and real-time data display of the six electric cylinders. So far, the functionality is complete.

The functional design of the 6DOF platform

1. Position control

The control method adopted in this paper is mainly position control. When the system issues an instruction, the six electric cylinders of the platform can perform telescopic motion within the limited range of the system according to the instruction, so that the motion platform can achieve the target motion of six degrees of freedom in space.

2. Limit system

When an electric cylinder of the six-degree-of-freedom motion platform exceeds its motion range, the limit system must detect this problem, and immediately feed back the limit signal to the upper control system, the system will issue an alarm and implement corresponding protective measures.

3. Servo alarm

When the 6DOF motion platform has problems such as overload alarm, battery alarm, encoder communication alarm, vibration detection alarm, cooling system overheating alarm, etc., the system will immediately issue a servo alarm. Close, protect the motion platform in time.

4. Human-machine interface

The control system needs to provide a user interface, which is simple to operate and easy to control. The interface should include: control scheme selection, parameter initialization, basic command input and output, etc.; Synchronous display of motion curve; current running status of servo control system, etc.

5. Emergency stop device

When the system issues a serious fault alarm, if the control button cannot be used to stop the movement of the platform in time, the emergency stop device can be used to directly cut off the power supply of the entire system, so that the platform stops moving immediately, avoiding the occurrence of serious accidents such as collision damage to the moving platform.

6. Zero search, positioning

There needs to be a control button on the man-machine interface, which can make the platform automatically return to the zero position, or position it to any position within the limited space.

7. Automatic detection

After the system is powered on, it immediately begins to detect whether each component of the servo control system is running normally, and reports the detection results to the upper computer in time.

The above are the basic functions of the 6DOF platform and related functional design introduction knowledge shared by Nanjing AllControler. If you are interested in the 6DOF platform and want to know more about the 6DOF platform, please feel free to contact us. .

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