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 Earthquake Experience Simulator

 Earthquake Experience Simulator

Other Names: Earthquake Simulator/Seismic Experience/Earthquake Science Popularization Experience Equipment

Technical composition of earthquake simulator

The 6DOF motion platform is composed of six oil cylinders, six upper and lower universal hinges, and two upper and lower platforms. The lower platform is fixed on the foundation. Motion with one degree of freedom, so that various spatial motion poses can be simulated.

The six-degree-of-freedom motion platform involves a series of high-tech fields such as machinery, electronic control, electrical, control, computer, sensor, spatial motion mathematical model, real-time signal transmission processing, etc. Therefore, the six-degree-of-freedom motion platform is at the level of electric servo and control. iconic symbol. It mainly includes the platform's space motion mechanism, space motion model, servo system, and control system.

Introduction to the functions of the earthquake simulation platform:

1. With emergency power-off function, the platform movement can be stopped at any time.

2. Classify the vibration level of the platform, and the vibration intensity is from weak to strong. (according to customer needs)

3. The vibration frequency, amplitude, and vibration waveform of the vibration platform can be adjusted (according to customer requirements).

4. Real-time monitoring of the situation in the hut, and the magnitude of the earthquake can be adjusted through the hand-held remote control or button.

5. The mechanical structure is an advanced six-degree-of-freedom platform structure, which can realize the functions of sieving in the horizontal direction, lifting and vibration in the vertical direction. To simulate earthquake shear wave, longitudinal wave, vibration effect.

6. Set the emergency stop function to make the platform reset in an emergency and safely.

7. The main control circuit adopts logic interlocking design, which can enhance the reliability of system operation.

8. When designing the layout of components and wires, adopt a reasonable and optimized process layout to reduce system failures caused by interference caused by unreasonable layout of components and wires.

9. The quality of all components is strictly checked by engineers, and the quality is reliable.

10. Using a unique industrial-grade control system, it can also work reliably in an industrial environment.

11. A safety protection device is installed at the bottom of the platform to prevent the platform from accidentally tilting.

Standard configuration of earthquake simulation platform

Earthquake experience platform, platform guardrail, composite floor, steps, strobe light, smoker, control host, projection screen (made according to the site), sound, control system, hydraulic system, special effect system, etc.

Application Scope of Seismic Simulation Platform

Earthquake Science Experience Museum, Geological Museum, Science and Technology Museum, Theme Park, Children's Experience City, Public Safety Education Center, Youth Education Base, etc.

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