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This engineering virtual simulation driving simulator platform uses a six-degree-of-freedom parallel mechanism as the cockpit manipulation simulation system, which can realize the rapid and stable reflection of the simulation graphics by the cockpit, and generate the virtual simulation of the driving process in real time through the simulated cockpit and the computer. Visual environment, sound effects and motion simulation and other driving environments, the visual simulation management software realizes the "immersion and interactivity" characteristics of the virtual environment, providing drivers with driving conditions on slopes, bumpy roads, etc., as well as vehicle acceleration and deceleration, steering, At the same time, it can carry out full-condition simulation experiments including critical and extreme conditions for various types of cars, trucks, buses, etc., to analyze, predict and evaluate the handling stability, safety, and control of the vehicle. It is of great and practical significance for the development of automobile driving simulators to simulate, evaluate, predict and optimize the vehicle motion performance control system, and to provide the optimization scheme for matching the structural parameters of the vehicle model.

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