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6DOF field medical ambulance motion simulator

The 6DOF field medical ambulance motion simulator is an advanced solution for simulating the ambulance work status of field rescue personnel, and it can also be used as a 120-degree rescue work simulation training for hospitals. The experiencer will drive the ambulance to every corner of the battlefield, and give emergency treatment to the wounded at the scene of the incident. During this process, there may be multiple rescue missions at the same time. Players need to make reasonable plans for this and choose the most urgent rescue mission to complete first.

The Field Medical Ambulance Motion Simulator is the rear of a fully equipped ambulance that looks exactly like a real field ambulance. The ambulance is installed on the six-degree-of-freedom motion platform independently developed by Nanjing Quankong, which has simulated six degrees of freedom and a load capacity of up to 2500 kg. Motion systems were used in the simulator's construction to make the rescuers inside feel like they were driving a real ambulance. In addition, for the driving simulation under harsh driving conditions, complex terrain and special working conditions, and the needs of vehicle safety, comfort and other performance research, kinematics force feedback is used in the simulation software, which can intuitively feel the unevenness of all roads on the battlefield, Braking is clearly visible.

Training programs using simulators allow for common ailments and abnormalities to be practiced while the patient is being transported to the hospital without endangering the patient. The room where the simulators are located is additionally equipped with video and recording equipment to analyze the team's behavior after the exercise is complete.

The battlefield medical ambulance motion simulator can realize the simulated training of each rescue step, each rescue team, each rescue unit, and even the individual who implements the rescue in the battlefield medical rescue. Supplementary training will be carried out in order to effectively improve the ability level of medical rescue on the battlefield, and finally form a standardized system with the characteristics of equal emphasis on ability and technology, complementarity between virtuality and reality, combination of individuals and teams, both training and assessment, and sharing in peacetime and wartime. , Open training device.

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