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Suitable for cost sensitive and low load occasions

When some special motion platforms do not require fast movement or large loads, it is not necessary to use conventional servo motor solutions, but to use electric push rods, which can effectively reduce the production cost of the platform. Therefore, we have developed a special controller for the electric push rod platform.

The following input and output interfaces are integrated on the multi-function controller

32bit processor*1

RS-485 interface*1

RS-232 interface*1

9V~24V DC motor drive (maximum 4A per channel)*6

Motor current sampling channel*6

Motor encoder AB phase pulse signal sampling*6

Solenoid valve/relay output interface*8

Switch input interface*2

5V sensor power supply output interface*6

Input power anti-reverse connection protection

Each functional module is powered independently, which reduces the signal and power constraints between each module


Length, width and height:430*430*300mm

Weight: 15Kg

Payload: 30Kg

Pitch: +/-15deg

Roll +/-14deg

Vertical lifting: 110mm

Speed: 50mm/s

Power: 60W*6

Voltage: DC24V

DC motor: DC24V/40W/3A /3000r/min


·It can drive 6-channel 9~24V DC brushless motors, and the maximum power of each motor is 100W

·Each channel has an independent current detection circuit, which can detect the load rate of the platform, whether the electric push rod is locked, etc.

·Each channel has a motor encoder AB phase signal pulse detection function, so that the platform position feedback can be realized without installing an electronic scale on the electric actuator, thereby realizing closed-loop control

·Two-way switching signal detection can be used as platform state input control and emergency stop, static and other functions

Software Interface

motion platform controlling software


motion platform controlling software

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