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6DOF tank and armored vehicle driving simulation

The visual system of the 6DOF tank driving simulator simulates various movements and posture changes when the tank is running. The motion platform tracks the movement of the virtual tank in real time, achieving an environment that is very close to real tank driving. A six-degree-of-freedom motion platform is designed according to actual needs, and coupled with the turret rotation motion, it can realize seven degrees of freedom motion including pitch, roll, rotation, bump, translation, and firing. First, the structural parameters of the parallel mechanism are designed according to the performance indicators, and the hinge point distribution parameters that have a greater impact on the driving power are optimized. Then, based on the Hooke hinge swing angle at any position, the Hooke hinge interference and the working space are verified, and the simulation results are used to verify again that there is no interference in the structure and the working space meets the requirements. Through finite element analysis of the strength of the Hooke hinge under alternating loads, its weak dimensions were optimized and designed to ensure the strength and stiffness of the tank driving simulator.

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