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3DOF Motion Platform

The 3DOF platform is composed of three servo electric cylinders, three upper and lower universal hinges (Hooke hinges) and two upper and lower platforms. The lower platform is fixed on the infrastructure, with the help of the telescopic movement of three servo electric cylinders, the movement of the platform in three degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, α, β, γ) in space can be completed, so that various spatial movements can be simulated attitude.

Principle of 3DOF platform

3DOF motion platform: general design of the system principle This figure is the system flow chart of the simulator. The simulator master control module is located at the top layer of the App system, and manages the work of the real-time graphics generation system, training and assessment system, and simulated driving expert system. The data acquisition and execution system is used as the man-machine input interface and the execution output interface of the simulation training machine, and the master control module of the simulator needs to manage and coordinate the data acquisition and system.

3DOF platform application range

1. Dynamic platform for simulation

The payload range of the dynamic platform for simulation is 0.25 tons-20 tons. These simulation dynamic platforms control the movement of the platform by receiving the status signal from the upper controller, and are widely used in various training simulators such as flight control simulators , ship handling simulators, helicopter handling simulators, tank handling simulators, car driving simulators, train driving simulators, earthquake simulators, motion theaters, entertainment equipment and other fields.

2. The platform for rigorous positioning and testing

The payload range of the 3DOF platform used for precision positioning testing is 0.5 tons to 50 tons, and the position positioning accuracy reaches 0.02mm. It is widely used in various vehicle attitude test equipment, aircraft/missile and other aircraft flight attitude test equipment, as well as the docking of space spacecraft and the refueling docking of aerial tankers. At the same time, using the three-degree-of-freedom precision positioning mechanism, it can be made into high-rigidity, high-precision three-degree-of-freedom processing machinery and assembly manipulators (such as three-axis parallel machine tools and parallel robots, which are widely used in various complex special processing and complex assembly ( Such as aircraft assembly and satellite assembly).


Platform Parameters
Electric Cylinder Parameters
Servo motor and driver parameters:
Customize as needed
Rated speed
Screw diameter
Working current
Screw lead
Motor rated power
longitudinal displacement
Lateral displacement
Reduction ratio
System rated total power
Vertical lift





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Software Interface

motion platform controlling software


motion platform controlling software

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3DOF Motion Platform

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