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The principle of servo electric cylinder

Servo electric cylinder is a modular product that integrates servo motor and drive screw. It converts the rotary motion of the servo motor into linear motion after being driven by the screw-nut. Precise torque control translates into precise speed control, precise position control and precise thrust control. It is a new revolutionary product that realizes high-precision linear motion control, and is widely used in aerospace experimental testing, multi-degree-of-freedom dynamic entertainment, multi-degree-of-freedom precision machining, robots, automobile manufacturing equipment, steel continuous casting, petrochemical, material handling , injection molding machine, mold control, valve control, precision machine tools, pharmaceutical machinery, food industry and other fields.

Nanjing Merkanic High Precision Servo Linear Actuator (Electric Cylinder)

1. Accurate positioning, high-speed promotion, good performance;

2. Servo motor, stepper motor and DC motor can be selected;

3. The motor can be installed in a straight line or a folded type, which is suitable for different installation spaces;

4. Various types, long life and easy maintenance;

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