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Based on years of product upgrade iterations and user needs, in order to meet the needs of hardware use and hardware debugging more conveniently and quickly, we have simultaneously developed various types of supporting software, which have been completed and serialized. The main classification as follows:

BoxLab playback software:

BoxLab playback software is mainly 4D/5D/7D and 9DVR video synchronization playback software.

4D/5D cinema synchronization control playback software BoxLab, the software window is similar to the general player, which is convenient for users to use. The player arranges the movie files in the form of lists (V1.0) or icons (V2.0 and V3.0), which is convenient for movie playback control. The player synchronizes with the professional Stereoscopic Player playback software, and is responsible for the synchronous sending of playback control and instruction codes to realize the playback control of 4D cinema movies.

The 7D multiplayer interactive theater software BoxLab is a clever combination of game entertainment, 3D stereoscopic video technology and dynamic theater technology, so that moviegoers can become the characters in the movie and feel that they are a part of the movie, and continue to interact with the movie. Content interacts.

The control software includes swing table control software, USBHID device acquisition and output software, fusion machine/central control synchronous action output software, and game attitude data tracking software.

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