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The VR playback software server software is the latest multi-function playback software developed by the company, which optimizes the data transmission mode with the control board, and adopts advanced control algorithms, which have extremely high stability and practicability.

(1) Using the newly developed control software algorithm, the action file and the visual picture are perfectly and automatically synchronized and adapted;

(2) Perfectly supports most of the VR glasses on the market, such as HTC Vive, Oculus CV1, 3 Glasses, Pico, Xiaopai, DaPeng, etc.;

(3) The software is rich in functions, movies and actions do not need to be added manually, just put the movie files, action files, poster files and corresponding configuration files in the corresponding directory, the program will automatically search and intelligently add them to the software interface inside;

(4) Automatically search all client computers in the local area network without manual configuration;

(5) Supports remote power-on and power-off functions for all clients or a single client (remote power-on requires a network cable to connect to the local area network, WiFi connection does not support this function);

(6) Support playback record storage, management and remote query functions;

(7) Support server-to-client video file synchronization upload/download function;

VR Cinema Seat System - The VR cinema seat system is through the motion of the dynamic cinema seat, combined with the VR cinema seat system software, provides the operator with the function of playing movies, supports opening the seat system, and observes the sitting situation, equipment connection and safety at the same time. Indication of whether the belt is fastened.

Operation - The VR cinema seating system has the basic functions of traditional players, including movie play/pause, stop, previous, next, volume adjustment, etc.

Inspection mode - The VR cinema seat system can monitor the real-time status of the seats in the cinema, and visually display them to the operator with different icons representing the different statuses of the seats.

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