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The 6DOF vibration table is based on a 6DOF, and the vibration test is performed on the upper table. Different from the pitch and yaw angle requirements of the 6DOF platform, it pays more attention to the frequency and control accuracy of vibration, and can be used for seismic simulation. Experiments and vehicle bumping and vibration testing, etc., so as to provide theoretical basis for structural earthquake resistance and vehicle special terrain vibration prevention.


1. Customized integrated design

2. Sine, random, shock, waveform reproduction

3. Combined motion of different degrees of freedom of different magnitudes

4. Degree of freedom control mode

5. Low friction ball joint without clearance

6. Full digital vibration control

Function introduction: The 6DOF vibration table is used to completely or partially simulate the vibration environment of the vehicle when driving on the road, and to conduct road simulation tests on the tested products. Can do sine wave, random wave, road spectrum reproduction; simulate secondary road and tertiary road transportation; simulate the vibration environment of vehicles on the predetermined road surface and predetermined form conditions, and conduct enhanced durability tests in the laboratory; acceleration, speed, displacement control, etc.

Experiment method:

1. Simulation: Accelerated test of test road surface and actual road surface

2. Random loading: random excitation test under a given self-spectral density

3. Periodic test: sinusoidal excitation test for isolating resonance and accumulating damage (fixed frequency). Incentive squeaks, clicks, etc.

4. Durability test: including durability test on cooler, engine base, seat, instrument panel, interior, etc., driving comfort test

5. Noise and vibration: used to test nonlinear vibration characteristics such as squeaks and clicks of instrument panels, sunroofs, seats, etc.

6. Model evaluation: Because of its multiple degrees of freedom, flexible and diverse force excitation functions, and perfect data analysis software, it can evaluate empirical models.

7. Modeling: Predict performance for faster design optimization with fewer prototypes.

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