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Auto Show Driving Simulator

Auto Show Driving Simulator Parameters

On-site demonstration of the driving simulator at the auto show

The display method of VR technology varies from person to person. Due to technical limitations, current VR headsets still suffer from motion sickness. However, the reasons for this are more complicated. Incorrect somatosensory is an important reason. By installing IMU, camera and other equipment on the vehicle, the status and picture of the vehicle can be obtained in real time. The somatosensory algorithm matches the occupant's somatosensory with the picture, which can effectively reduce motion sickness and effectively increase the somatosensory effect.

The somatosensory algorithm is also called motion cueing (Motion Cueing), which applies acceleration to the body through the movement of the driving simulator, so that the driver can feel the impressive real acceleration. The driving simulator has six degrees of freedom. Because the working space of the driving simulator and the dynamics of the actuator are limited, it is impossible to accelerate for a long time. Therefore, the motion of the vehicle does not correspond linearly to the motion of the driving simulator, but through other The method is used to make up or motion hints, such as washing out algorithm processing by the gravity component.

There are tens of thousands of roads, and safety comes first. Zhidao Future Cockpit is the only smart cockpit exhibit at the Shanghai Auto Show that is based on a real car and has a six-degree-of-freedom dynamic platform. It aims to provide users with the best immersive experience and entertainment and relaxation carrier.

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