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6DOF motion platform simulates earthquakes

Earthquakes, like wind and rain, are inevitable natural phenomena, and earthquakes occur frequently in our country. The Sichuan earthquake shocked the world and brought huge property losses and psychological trauma to the people in the disaster areas. Understanding earthquakes, preventing earthquakes, and saving ourselves from the epicenter are common issues faced by mankind. In fact, earthquakes can be predicted, especially strong earthquakes, which will always cause various physical and chemical changes in the underground and on the ground during the breeding process, and provide people with information. As long as people carefully observe and grasp the laws of earthquake precursors, we can cause earthquakes. The loss is minimized; the earthquake simulator is a combination of environmental simulation and virtual technology, which truly reproduces the "terrible scene" of the earthquake, simulates earthquakes at all levels and various types of earthquakes, and allows the audience to understand and learn how to avoid disasters during earthquakes from the experience , and how to save yourself.

The earthquake simulation experiment platform TecPlat is composed of servo system, sensor system, computer control system, audio-visual system, automatic scoring system, etc. The TecPlat simulation platform can simulate various magnitudes and shock waves when an earthquake occurs, making the experience immersive. The magnitude and duration of the simulated earthquake are pre-set on the console. There are major well-known earthquake-related data inside the system, which can also be formulated according to customer needs.

The control system TecBox of the earthquake simulation experiment platform is a relatively complex system. Only by mastering and understanding its multi-degree-of-freedom control principle can it be better utilized and developed. To use and maintain the experimental platform control system correctly, one of the technologies is the multi-degree-of-freedom control technology. The movement of the earthquake simulation experiment platform TecPlat is controlled by the joint movement of 6 or 8 servo electric cylinders (hydraulic cylinders), and the movement of each servo electric cylinder (hydraulic cylinder) must be synchronized.

The TecPlat experimental method of the earthquake simulation experiment platform is one of the important methods in the current seismic research. Combining the open source code of the DIMAS-related sub-processes provided by the Albuquerque Earthquake Laboratory (ASL) in the United States, the TecPlat earthquake simulation experiment platform can be very good It is the most direct method to study the seismic response and damage mechanism of structures in the laboratory. This experimental equipment can also be used in SafeLab to study structural dynamic characteristics, equipment anti-seismic performance and test structural anti-seismic measures, etc. . In addition, it also plays an important role in nuclear reactors, marine structural engineering, hydraulic structures, bridges, aerospace and other fields, and is a very important experimental equipment in many industries.

1. The standard dimensions of the platform are: 2x2m, 2x3m, 2.5x2.5m, 3x3m, 3x4m, 3x5m, 4x4m, 4x5m. The recommended size of the platform is 3 × 5 meters, with an area of 15 square meters; according to the needs of venues and venues, other sizes within 10 meters can be customized by contacting us;
2. The mechanical structure is an advanced six-degree-of-freedom platform structure, which can realize the following functions: horizontal screening, vertical lifting and vibration. To simulate seismic shear wave, longitudinal wave, vibration effect. At the same time, due to the use of the six-degree-of-freedom structure, the platform can be moved at any angle and in any direction, simulating the effect of irregular shaking of the house during an earthquake;
3. The earthquake level is adjustable from 1-12;
4. Electric or hydraulic control adopts closed-loop servo control, which can adjust the vibration frequency, amplitude, and vibration waveform of the vibration platform;
5. The design movement load of the platform is 0.3-20 tons, and the number of people to be carried is 2-100;
6. The platform and the ground are fixed with embedded parts;
7. A safety protection device is installed at the bottom of the platform to prevent the platform from tilting accidentally.

6DOF motion platform simulates earthquakes

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