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The virtual simulation experiment platform uses a 6dof parallel mechanism as the cockpit manipulation simulation system, which can realize the rapid and stable reflection of the cockpit on the simulation graphics, and generate the virtual visual environment, The driving environment such as sound effects and motion simulation, using the visual simulation management software to realize the "immersion and interactivity" characteristics of the virtual environment, provides the driver with the driving environment on slopes, bumpy roads, etc., as well as vehicle acceleration and deceleration, steering, and skidding. At the same time, it can carry out full-condition simulation experiments including critical and extreme conditions for various types of vehicles such as cars, trucks and buses, and analyze, predict and evaluate the handling stability, safety, braking performance, and Power and fuel economy, simulating, evaluating, predicting and optimizing the motion performance control system, and providing an optimal scheme for vehicle structure parameter matching are of important and practical significance to the design and development of rail transit.

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