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VR racing is designed with rich and colorful and delicate experience, which truly reproduces the excitement of racing and is popular among racing fans all over the world; it supports 40-inch 4K display screens, three 2K high-definition screens with realistic pictures, and visual coverage to restore real scenes. Using the simulation driving system, it provides professional VR racing equipment, realizes split-axis control, and accurately restores the moment when the vehicle hits and falls and accelerates. A variety of terrain scenes and various world-class luxury sports cars are available for different players to unlock and upgrade. The simulated racing seats and comfortable seats are designed in line with human mechanics, so that the details are truly without dead ends, which perfectly enhances the experience. Imported servo electric cylinder, the servo system is the most advanced motor operation system, with the best performance, the speed can reach 4500rmp, and it can withstand 300% overload for a short time. High precision, realistic effects, tail flick, undulation, drift, tilt, back, forward, trembling, shaking, bring you a new VR racing experience.

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