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6DOF  VR riding platform

When a participant rides a bicycle, data such as the bicycle's speed, direction, the time and strength of lifting the handlebars, and the cyclist's own weight are collected in real time through the sensor, and then transmitted to the server via the DSP control circuit. Analyze and process so that the virtual scene on the screen can be simulated and displayed. VR virtual bicycle can achieve the same walking and physical collision as three-dimensional games. With multi-camera management, pre-set camera positions can be recalled at any time. When automatically roaming along the path, you can also pause at any time to watch while walking. The VR riding system can also support object triggering and distance triggering in the scene, as well as object animation and sound switching. In virtual scenes, natural scenes such as riversides, valleys, ridges, scenic roads, railways, ditches, etc. can usually be constructed, with landscape routes accessible to tourists and cyclists, connecting major highways and nature reserves. , scenic spots, historical sites and urban and rural residential areas. The scene is mainly composed of pedestrian trails, bicycle lanes, non-motor vehicle pathways and parking lots, car rental shops, tourist shops, specialty snack bars and other facilities and green buffer areas. The scene construction made full use of natural ecological conditions, such as existing riverbanks and dams, field mechanized roads, and rural trails, to recreate the original ecological landscape.

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