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The 6DOF offshore UAV compensation simulator consists of a 6DOF simulator platform, a control cabinet, and supporting installation basic platform. The simulator is used to detect the change signal of the ship's attitude caused by waves, and reversely control the movement of the simulation platform, thereby realizing the motion compensation of the ship's turbulence in the waves; the control cabinet has a built-in motion controller and servo driver, and the motion controller can receive space commands through the network data. The device is placed on the ship to balance the ship's posture on the sea. Other modules in the system communicate with the master station through the EtherCAT bus, and achieve high-precision motion control by processing the feedback signal from the gyroscope sensor. Each module in the system controls the hardware equipment related to each link respectively. These include platform control modules, button indicator modules, etc.

The wave compensation platform is a type of six-degree-of-freedom wave compensation system, which provides an effective solution for the stable operation of offshore equipment. The equipment can compensate for the heaving and heaving of the ship at sea, so that during offshore operation and maintenance, the staff can also It can walk on flat ground while also making it possible to transport large equipment quickly and safely. This equipment is mostly used as a stable platform for offshore wind power operation and maintenance. At the same time, as a general technology, the ocean stabilization platform can also be used in different scenarios, such as stabilizing offshore helicopter landing assistance, cranes and other equipment, achieving more the value of.

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