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A collection of software tools related to the 6DOF motion platform

Software tools: playback software, control software, parameter calibration and configuration software, simulation analysis software, tool software, acquisition software, game software

Playback software: 4D/5D/7D and 9DVR video simultaneous playback software/bicycle content variable speed playback software (PC side) 9DVR playback software XWJ (PC side)/9DVR playback software ZX (PC side) 9DVR playback software YLS (all-in-one machine/Pad Tablet end).

Control software: wireless module adaptation and use/swing table attitude output software (PC version) uses SSP to directly output motion files/swing table attitude output software (EtherCAT version) construction machinery simulator signal acquisition software/proportional valve/electric platform control board Test program proportional valve/electric platform control panel program calibration parameter description/platform parameter calibration and test software and other special forms of platform or motor parameter calibration description UDP-USB multi-function central control software description rotating axis platform control software/use SSP to directly output actions File swing table attitude output software (PC version)/swing table attitude output software (EtherCAT version).

Parameter calibration and configuration software: After importing the hinge point coordinates of the platform and the relevant parameters of the electric cylinder through the BoxLab software or manually inputting them, the program calculates the elongation of the electric cylinder and the posture value of the platform based on the built-in forward and reverse solution algorithms, as well as their The mutual conversion between them can also save the generated data into a csv format document that can be edited by excel software.

Simulation analysis software: Through the coordinate system design, forward and inverse kinematics solutions, and dynamic equation construction of the six-degree-of-freedom platform, the Jacobian matrix/Euler equation/Lagrange equation/Lyaplov equation, etc. are used on the six-degree-of-freedom platform. For applications in dynamics development, based on theoretical mechanics, automatic control theory, modern control theory, optimization algorithms, etc., PID parameter debugging, low-pass filtering, Kalman filtering and other filter parameter calculations are performed.

Tool software: special form of platform or motor parameter calibration instructions/motion platform elongation protocol test software, action file acquisition software, SSP action file conversion software, EFFX file format conversion software (VB version)/EFFX file format conversion software (VC version) Wireless module adaptation and use/Multifunctional dynamic simulation training platform configuration software 9 parameter calibration software/Program burning software/Matlab kinematics simulation software Stewart platform parameter verification software/Stewart platform load rate test

Acquisition software: By combining MathLab motion file acquisition software with 4D/5D theater seats and special effects motion acquisition devices, it can create dynamic files simply and quickly, which means that the dynamic files will be completed when watching the movie. The production improves the efficiency of generating video editing action files.

Game software: racing/flight game simulation plug-in

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