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The 6DOF electric ski motion simulation sports training system is to establish dynamic models for freestyle skiing, speed skating, sleds, bobsleigh and other projects, through platform structure, professional sports equipment, environmental simulation systems, consoles, computers and electrical systems, etc. Build a special training platform, model the physical characteristics of special sports, and inject data from the competition venue to provide athletes with a control environment consistent with the competition venue, provide athletes with a training and competition environment for special sports, and enable athletes to deepen their understanding of the competition. Understand the movement mechanism of the event, conduct special technical training, strengthen optimal technical model training, and improve athletes' training performance.

The 6DOF ski simulation training system has several advantages:

Freedom: The six-degree-of-freedom ski simulation training system can imitate the real movement of skiing in six directions: up, down, left, right, forward, and backward, providing a realistic experience.

Personalized Training: This system can provide customized training according to the skier's skill level. From beginners to advanced skiers, everyone can find corresponding training courses.

Quick Skill Improvement: The ski simulation training system allows ski enthusiasts to practice skiing even in the off-season, increasing training time and helping to quickly improve skiing skills.

Data Feedback: The training system usually provides detailed data feedback, such as sliding speed, swinging angle, body center of gravity changes, etc., which helps skiers understand their own skiing conditions and carry out targeted training.

Safety: Compared with actual skiing on the mountains, the ski simulation training system ensures safety while allowing skiers to practice without worrying about accidents.

6DOF ski simulation training system

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