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The platform control software includes motion file acquisition software, SSP motion file conversion software, platform parameter calibration and testing software, etc.

The motion file acquisition software is a 4D/5D cinema seat and special effect motion acquisition device, which can create motion files simply and quickly, that is to say, when the movie is finished, the production process of motion files is completed, which improves the 3D Generation efficiency of movie editing action files.

The platform parameter calibration software is a widely used software. Its main function is to enable users to calibrate the platform performance parameters according to actual needs without changing the firmware of the control card. It can modify the motion experience parameters of the speed, flexibility, stiffness, scale and judgment of the platform, as well as the structure type and model size parameters of the platform, as well as the positioning, standby, attitude and other parameters in the platform control. Revise. The multi-function central control software is an integrated control system software. The main functions are as follows:

(1) Receive the control commands (Play, Pause, Stop, Play01, Play02, etc.) sent by the central control host through TCP/UDP, read the action file, and send it to the platform control card through the serial port or TCP/UDP;

(2) On the basis of the above functions, at the same time call the SSP player to play the video content specified by the user;

(3) Receive the status information of each entity button on the button collection box, play the corresponding movie and action, and pause and stop instructions;

(4) Connect the action collection board to generate action files;

(5) The joystick follows. Connect various USB HID peripherals such as steering wheel or joystick through RS-485, analyze the action, and solve the platform model, output the elongation data of the electric cylinder, and then control the platform to follow and perform corresponding special actions;

(6) Connect the joystick or gyroscope to generate the electric cylinder extension action file or the attitude action file;

(7) The ModBus communicates with the inverter through the RS-485 master station mode to control the speed of the motor and control the strength of the wind effect;

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