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The main features of the display interface are as follows:

(1) The software has comprehensive functions, concise and clear interface, and clear and reasonable layout;

(2) With TecPlat system self-check status display interface;

(3) It has an interface for real-time acquisition of external TecBox six-degree-of-freedom motion control signals, and can set relevant network parameters;

(4) Provide a flexible WashLab washout algorithm configuration interface, and cooperate with the entrusting party to configure the washout algorithm parameters according to the characteristics of the training scene; provide the washout algorithm customization function, and through the washout filter parameter setting, the acceleration and angular velocity in different frequency bands can be realized simulation of the movement process;

(5) RuleLab, which can draw the input motion signal and output motion signal curve of each degree of freedom in real time, displays the following information through the curve and window:

1. Parameter information such as each motor speed, motor torque, driver working status, etc.

2. Real-time position of each electric cylinder, magnetic switch position

3. LocLab platform pose (positive solution calculation result), linear velocity, angular velocity, linear acceleration, angular acceleration PowerLab, etc.

(6) It has the function of recording and storing motion data (input and output position, speed and acceleration, etc. of each frame of each degree of freedom), and the data files are easy to edit and analyze;

(7) The software has fault and warning display functions, and provides automatic disposal functions or disposal methods for common faults.

Note: If more information windows need to be displayed, the hardware method of using multiple hosts or one host is connected to multiple monitors. At this time, multiple programs can be run at the same time or one program can expand multiple windows to monitor various data at the same time. The movement of the control interface operation platform has the following working modes:

(1) Attitude control LocLab, real-time reception of host computer data communication (external communication)

(2) MathLab reads the fixed action file script (it needs to synchronize the start time with the external device)

(3) Manual control (single-cylinder stroke independent test, single-position independent test, return to neutral position, return to origin, and on-off control of the platform, that is, the platform is automatically brought down to the locked rotor position, and then the contactor is closed.)

(4) RuleLab trajectory planning function, which can generate different motions by setting the motion amplitude, frequency and motion mode (jog/continuous for each degree of freedom, jog/continuous for each motion axis, and continuous motion according to sine/cosine curve or surface motion). Motion test signal of working condition;

Note: The received external command may be pose data or electric cylinder extension data.

The configuration interface mainly configures the corresponding parameters through the CaliLab software interface. The configuration parameters are divided into the following aspects:

(1) Communication parameter settings (configuration information such as IP address, port number, baud rate, etc.)

(2) Mechanical parameters of TecPlat platform (joint point coordinates and platform height, etc.)

(3) The mechanical parameters of the electric cylinder (the stroke of the electric cylinder, the lead of the electric cylinder, the reduction ratio of the synchronous belt, the linear type/return type electric cylinder, etc.)

(4) Planning and configuration of speed and acceleration (use the corresponding PID control algorithm to control the platform's positioning speed, speed and acceleration during normal operation, etc.)

(5) Platform pose correction (a compensated pose is automatically superimposed inside the program) ax+b

(6) Control precision selection (PrePlat platforms with different precisions are provided according to the different needs of different customers)

(7) Other special functions (rotating shaft, crankshaft, neutral position, whether to use WashLab data wash-in and wash-out function, etc.)

(8) Program download and firmware update via remote or local operation

(9) Parameter configuration permissions (different permissions have different scopes for modifying parameters)

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