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By combining MathLab motion file capture software with 4D/5D cinema seats and special effects motion capture devices, it can create motion files simply and quickly, which means that the production of motion files is completed when the movie is finished. Improved the generation efficiency of movie editing action files.

Basic skills

(1) Cooperate with the ACB101 acquisition board to collect the elongation action file (using serial communication, we have a communication protocol)

(2) Connect with mobile phones, gyroscopes, joysticks and other devices to collect pose motion files

(3) When collecting, the corresponding elongation or pose is displayed in real time

(4) Set the sampling period and sampling precision

(5) Support platform follow-up function during sampling

(6) I or another person can add special effects by clicking the special effect button

(7) Double-click the player to make a full-screen video

(8) Three/six degrees of freedom automatic or manual recognition

(9) Use a new action file format to make the customer experience better (refer to the formats of well-known companies such as D-BOX, Taiwan Zhiwei, Simtec, DSL, etc.)

Post-editing of action files

(1) Import the collected motion file, edit the waveform (phase, slope, amplitude), and adjust the horizontal axis (time) and vertical axis (value scale) of the curve

(2) When playing the video, the waveform curve is displayed synchronously

(3) Edit special effects

(4) Export the file after editing

(5) Manual action. (Play frame-by-frame through 3ds Max, and manually add a certain pose by means of action superposition. (Make the pose and the corresponding amplitude into some standard library files, which are convenient for calling and inserting.)


(1) Chinese and English interface selection, display software number, company Logo, company information, copyright statement and operating instructions and other related information

(2) Using a resource manager-type resizable window, the window can be enlarged with the display resolution. If configured as a fixed size window, the resolution is 1920*1080

(3) For the rest of the description, please refer to "Nanjing Full Control Action Acquisition System Manual.docx"

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