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3 ton load 6dof motionplatform

1.Provide customers with simulated flight driving, increase human-computer interaction, directly experience the dynamic performance of the aircraft and advanced control technology, and use it for training, teaching, experience, etc. in the aviation field;

2. The load can reach 3 tons, the steering angle can reach ±30°, and the layout of the cockpit can reflect the man-machine setting, including the relative positions and angles among the seats, joysticks, pedals, and brake pedals. The position of the machine is determined, the position can be adjusted, and the seat size can be designed according to customer requirements;
3. Dynamic performance The flight driving simulator can reflect the acceleration and deceleration state of the simulation model in real time; it can reflect the motion state of the simulation model in real time, including the cabin roll angle, yaw angle, pitch angle and displacement in all directions; the cabin movement speed and acceleration;
4. Combined with STEAM mainstream flight software, it can provide a variety of dynamic scene simulation experience;
5. Able to monitor the running state of the model and the movement state of the cockpit in real time;
6. It can issue an alarm when abnormal conditions occur, and is equipped with a safety protection device to avoid danger to the driver.

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